5 tips for Natural Facial

Taking care of the skin becomes mandatory during the summer, throughout the year. At this time we cannot use moisturizer cream. In summer we should take extra care of the skin to retain skin’s moisture. We think that we need to do many things for skin care, but actually not.

We can get the necessary ingredients from our kitchen or from the refrigerator which can hold with beautiful skin. Facial using domestic items would be better to assume that before which skin carries which tone.  Let’s follow the steps.

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Cleaning: First take the hot steam to cleaning, which helps to clean your skin deeply. You also can clean the skin cotton soaked in milk.

Massage Cream: Facial cream can be used with light hand massage on the skin for 10 minutes.

Scrubbing: Gently rub in the face with scrub the turn by turn. Then clean your face with a warm soft towel. For light skin rice powder, flour or sugar may be the best scrubbing.

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Toning: Vinegar and mixed with rose water toner is very useful to increase the brightness of the skin.  Do not grind while applying toner with cotton on the mouth and don’t tinker with the eyes.

Cucumber : Mixed up a cucumber and a spoon of sugar well and keep in the refrigerator for a while. Wash your skin and rub it in ten minutes. Use cucumber juice to hydrate the skin which will make skin is smooth and brighter day by day.